Friday, September 24, 2010

Drama returns to the boards at Pocketfives

No, not Johnny Drama, drama drama. When we last visited the frailties of the human condition, our friend Chaz and his Big Red cohort were grilling their way to a bodacious 10k.

Now the seldom visited Poker Discussion forum on the site may very well be watching a misplayed con blow up in the member's face. Justin Weitzman, aka amandaw111, aka runningthisg333 aka justin bieber's bff?, started a thread claiming that embattled online poker site Ultimate Bet had stolen approximately $40k from him. While dodging requests to provide proof for his claim, Justin revealed instead that he had colluded in online play and had played on more accounts than the number of police cruisers Lindsay Lohan has ridden in. The story is ongoing and you can read more about it here and also improve your game too.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome to the Scandal

welcome to the scandal
we've got chaz n scams
we've got everything you need
we know the address
We know the phone number and
When the pizza will come
If you got the money buddy
Don't Ship it online


In the scandal
Welcome to the scandal
Watch it bring your account to z-z-z- eroooooooooooo, see
I wanna watch you bleed

Welcome to the scandal
It's updated each day
If you think the check's coming
I don't know what to say
If you'll stop by Treasures
It is easy to see
You can get in the door
But you won't get in for free
In the scandal

Welcome to the scandal
I can't Feel my, my, my knee
I, I wanna grill your meat

Welcome to the scandal
It gets worse here everyday
Ya learn ta live like a criminal
In the scandal everyday
If you got a debt for winnin' a league
You'll get it eventually
It was guaranteed you see
But you better go ahead and breath


And when you think it's over
The Check'is on the way, here's a pic so you will see

You know where you are
You're in the scandal baby
You're gonna cry
In the scandal
Welcome to the scandal
Watch me cook on my g g g g grilllllllll, grill
In the scandal
Welcome to the Chaz scam
Feel my, my, my left knee
In the scandal
Welcome to Chaz's scam
Watch me grill some steak Get the da da da da door please
In the scandal
Welcome to Chaz's scam
Watch him spend your winnings
Their gonna get you clown!

Charles Kraynak Scandal on

Friday, February 5, 2010

Online poker Scandal

Since shortly after thanksgiving, there has been a revelation of an online scam by a member of the community who was previously highly revered. The community is"

Personally, I was stunned when the allegations first surfaced and then saddened when a confession was issued. is a great site and the OT community is second to none on the internet. I hope that people don't hold this sad event against the many good people there.