Thursday, February 28, 2008

Congrats to Dissident!

Congrats to Dissident dissident voice for taking down two tourneys at UltimateBet this week.

Diss won the $5 rebuy and the $25 bounty tournaments there this week. Fantastic action and I expect that there will be a celebration of some sort in OT.

Keep up the good work and continued good luck.

dissident always

A very good night!

I first joined Doyle's Room in 2005 because I am a big fan of Doyle Brunson. I have played several of the Bounty tourneys at the site since then, hoping to get a chance to play at Doyle's table. When Doyle's Room left the US market last year I thought my chance to play with Doyle was gone, but Doyle's Room re-entered the US market and last night I finally was seated at Doyle's table in the Celebrity Bounty tourney. I thought I might get a bounty when I was dealt AA in the bb and Doyle was in the cutoff and I had him covered. I was really hoping he would try to steal because I was playing tight, but it was folded around to me. It was great to get to play at Doyle's table for a long period of time and to cash in the tourney. I hope to get to do it again. I also hope that Doyle's Room is able to get back to the level it was at before they left the US market. Best of Luck to Doyle


I also was able to cash in the $6.50 Bounty Tourney at UltimateBet last night. Thats a cash in two tourneys in a row at UB and three tourneys overall. Certainly a nice chance of pace from the horrible beats.

Good luck at the tables everyone. Hope to see you here again soon


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Congrats to iLLNuGWichee!!!!

Congrats to the Indianapolis Colts' favorite online player iLLNuGWichee for making four final tables last night! What a great night of work. iLLNuGWichee made the final table of the bodog 10k, bodog 10k rebuy, ub bounty and the ftp 55k. He had a great month last night. Great job and look for nights like this to keep happening for the very talented player from Indy. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Congrats to Wretchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Dan "Wretchy" Martin for taking down the $30r on tonight.
Dan "Wretchy" Martin
He played great at the final table and overcame a chip disadvantage and schooled his opposition on the right way to take down a tourney. Well done sir and the poker world should take notice because Wretchy will be wearing some WSOP gold before this decade is over.

Wretchy 2 26 08 $30r win

I had my best tourney by far at UltimateBet since my win in the Stud 8b tourney a week from last Saturday. I made the final table in the $6.50 bounty tourney and finished in 5th place. My score was a little less than what Wretchy got for taking down his tourney, but I was pleased with the addition to my bankroll.

Congratulations to a couple of pocketfivers!

Congrats to members Sicktight311 and MathclubNZ!

Sick won a $4.40 180 man tournament on PokerStars last night and has won 2 out of the last 4 he has played there, while also playing lead guitar and being a big part of a kick ass band, "FLB." Photobucket
Great Job man!
Check out the band here:
Check out his blog here:

Mathclub did something incredible Saturday on the felt. He was able to make seven (that's right 7) final tables: 2 on UltimateBet, 2 on AbsolutePoker, 2 on Bodog and 1 on PartyPoker. I wasn't able to watch the tourney on Party, but I was happy to rail Mathclub on the other sites. If not for a couple of brutal beats, he would have scored at least one win that night but it was still an incredible achievement.

Congrats Math!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Continued good luck and success for the both of you!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Been away for too long

I really shouldn't have taken so long to update the blog. There have been a lot of big things which have happened since the last entry

First of all, Cindy and I had a great wedding in October in Gatlinburg, TN. The Smokie Mountains are beautiful in the fall and we had great weather for the wedding and everything went really well.


All I ll say about the WVU Football season is that the team really played great in the Fiesta Bowl and really made the state proud.

Fiesta Bowl Football

In January, I filed for the office of Prosecuting Attorney. The election is in May and I hope it goes well because I really think that I can help out the people of my home county.

Finally on the 16th of February I won my first Stud 8b tourney on UlitmateBet. It was great. Winning a tournament is always a thrill, no matter how many opponents or how much is won. It's why we play the game. Here is the hand that won the tournament for me:
Hand #50857708-104 at Sat445pmA-Final (3000/6000 tournament 7-card Stud 8/b)
Started at 16/Feb/08 19:59:05

Lwheels is at seat 6 with 26320.
SluggerWV is at seat 7 with 83180.
The button is at seat 1.

Lwheels posts ante (500).
SluggerWV posts ante (500).

3rd street:

Lwheels: -- -- Tc
SluggerWV: Ac Ks Jd

Lwheels brings in for 1000. SluggerWV calls.

4th street:

Lwheels: -- -- Tc Qd
SluggerWV: Ac Ks Jd 2h

Lwheels checks. SluggerWV checks.

5th street:

Lwheels: -- -- Tc Qd 8h
SluggerWV: Ac Ks Jd 2h Ts

Lwheels checks. SluggerWV bets 6000. Lwheels calls.

6th street:

Lwheels: -- -- Tc Qd 8h Kd
SluggerWV: Ac Ks Jd 2h Ts Jc

SluggerWV bets 6000. Lwheels calls.

7th street:

Lwheels: -- -- Tc Qd 8h Kd --
SluggerWV: Ac Ks Jd 2h Ts Jc Ah

SluggerWV bets 6000. Lwheels raises to 12000.
SluggerWV re-raises to 18000. Lwheels goes all-in for
12820. SluggerWV is returned 5180 (uncalled).


SluggerWV shows Ah Ac Ks Jd 2h Ts Jc.
SluggerWV has Ac Ks Jd Jc Ah: two pair, aces and jacks (high).
SluggerWV has no qualifying low hand.
Lwheels shows Kc Qs 3s Tc Qd 8h Kd.
Lwheels has Kc Tc Qd Kd Qs: two pair, kings and queens (high).
Lwheels has no qualifying low hand.

Hand #50857708-104 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
SluggerWV wins 52640 with two pair, aces and jacks.

$5 stud 8b MTT 2 16 8 won

I am really hoping that I will get to go to Vegas this year.


Good Luck at the tables everyone I'll see ya here again real soon.