Thursday, February 28, 2008

A very good night!

I first joined Doyle's Room in 2005 because I am a big fan of Doyle Brunson. I have played several of the Bounty tourneys at the site since then, hoping to get a chance to play at Doyle's table. When Doyle's Room left the US market last year I thought my chance to play with Doyle was gone, but Doyle's Room re-entered the US market and last night I finally was seated at Doyle's table in the Celebrity Bounty tourney. I thought I might get a bounty when I was dealt AA in the bb and Doyle was in the cutoff and I had him covered. I was really hoping he would try to steal because I was playing tight, but it was folded around to me. It was great to get to play at Doyle's table for a long period of time and to cash in the tourney. I hope to get to do it again. I also hope that Doyle's Room is able to get back to the level it was at before they left the US market. Best of Luck to Doyle


I also was able to cash in the $6.50 Bounty Tourney at UltimateBet last night. Thats a cash in two tourneys in a row at UB and three tourneys overall. Certainly a nice chance of pace from the horrible beats.

Good luck at the tables everyone. Hope to see you here again soon


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