Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Congratulations to a couple of pocketfivers!

Congrats to pocketfives.com members Sicktight311 and MathclubNZ!

Sick won a $4.40 180 man tournament on PokerStars last night and has won 2 out of the last 4 he has played there, while also playing lead guitar and being a big part of a kick ass band, "FLB." Photobucket
Great Job man!
Check out the band here: www.myspace.com/flbmusic
Check out his blog here: www.sicktight311.blogspot.com

Mathclub did something incredible Saturday on the felt. He was able to make seven (that's right 7) final tables: 2 on UltimateBet, 2 on AbsolutePoker, 2 on Bodog and 1 on PartyPoker. I wasn't able to watch the tourney on Party, but I was happy to rail Mathclub on the other sites. If not for a couple of brutal beats, he would have scored at least one win that night but it was still an incredible achievement.

Congrats Math!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Continued good luck and success for the both of you!

1 comment:

SICKTIGHT311 said...

Holy crap mathclub, good shit!

And for the record, I won 2 of my last 4 180 mans. They were like 2 weeks apart.