Sunday, February 24, 2008

Been away for too long

I really shouldn't have taken so long to update the blog. There have been a lot of big things which have happened since the last entry

First of all, Cindy and I had a great wedding in October in Gatlinburg, TN. The Smokie Mountains are beautiful in the fall and we had great weather for the wedding and everything went really well.


All I ll say about the WVU Football season is that the team really played great in the Fiesta Bowl and really made the state proud.

Fiesta Bowl Football

In January, I filed for the office of Prosecuting Attorney. The election is in May and I hope it goes well because I really think that I can help out the people of my home county.

Finally on the 16th of February I won my first Stud 8b tourney on UlitmateBet. It was great. Winning a tournament is always a thrill, no matter how many opponents or how much is won. It's why we play the game. Here is the hand that won the tournament for me:
Hand #50857708-104 at Sat445pmA-Final (3000/6000 tournament 7-card Stud 8/b)
Started at 16/Feb/08 19:59:05

Lwheels is at seat 6 with 26320.
SluggerWV is at seat 7 with 83180.
The button is at seat 1.

Lwheels posts ante (500).
SluggerWV posts ante (500).

3rd street:

Lwheels: -- -- Tc
SluggerWV: Ac Ks Jd

Lwheels brings in for 1000. SluggerWV calls.

4th street:

Lwheels: -- -- Tc Qd
SluggerWV: Ac Ks Jd 2h

Lwheels checks. SluggerWV checks.

5th street:

Lwheels: -- -- Tc Qd 8h
SluggerWV: Ac Ks Jd 2h Ts

Lwheels checks. SluggerWV bets 6000. Lwheels calls.

6th street:

Lwheels: -- -- Tc Qd 8h Kd
SluggerWV: Ac Ks Jd 2h Ts Jc

SluggerWV bets 6000. Lwheels calls.

7th street:

Lwheels: -- -- Tc Qd 8h Kd --
SluggerWV: Ac Ks Jd 2h Ts Jc Ah

SluggerWV bets 6000. Lwheels raises to 12000.
SluggerWV re-raises to 18000. Lwheels goes all-in for
12820. SluggerWV is returned 5180 (uncalled).


SluggerWV shows Ah Ac Ks Jd 2h Ts Jc.
SluggerWV has Ac Ks Jd Jc Ah: two pair, aces and jacks (high).
SluggerWV has no qualifying low hand.
Lwheels shows Kc Qs 3s Tc Qd 8h Kd.
Lwheels has Kc Tc Qd Kd Qs: two pair, kings and queens (high).
Lwheels has no qualifying low hand.

Hand #50857708-104 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
SluggerWV wins 52640 with two pair, aces and jacks.

$5 stud 8b MTT 2 16 8 won

I am really hoping that I will get to go to Vegas this year.


Good Luck at the tables everyone I'll see ya here again real soon.

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