Friday, September 21, 2007

Couple of deep runs at UB

The last two nights, Wednesday and Thursday, I ve had very deep runs in the 8:30 $5 mtt at UltimateBet. The first night was a huge tourney due to UB giving away a ton of free entries. There were more than 1800 players in a tourney that usually has between 300-400 players due to the $1500 guarantee. I was chipleader with less than three tables left but was unable to make the final table, mostly due to a mistake w AQ v AK, and busted out in 14th.

Last night I busted out in 12th and once again it was AK v AQ but this time I had the AK but a queen on the flop ended my night.

Looking forward to tomorrow's WVU-East Carolina game. Hoping the Mountaineer defense continues its improvment and the offense hits on all cylinders.

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