Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lakers Celtics

I grew up a huge Philadelphia 76ers fan. I loved watching Dr. J play and hoped one day to be able to dunk (didn't happen) and Andrew Toney was my other favorite because he could shoot the lights out and always played great against the Celtics. As a good Sixers fan, I always wanted them to win, especially against LA and Boston. If they didn't, then the mission became hoping that whoever was playing LA and/or Boston would beat them(damn you twin towers of the Houston Rockets for letting me down and wtf Ralph Sampson? Getting your ass kicked by whiner Jerry Schisting).

If LA was playing Boston in the finals, then conference bias set in and I decided that a Boston win was more honorable for the Sixers.

I haven't really had a team since I disowned the Sixers after watching Barkley plant a shoulder in the gut of some guard years ago and the style of play reminded me not one bit of the teams I grew up rooting for. I liked MJ and wanted his teams to win but didn't consider myself a Bulls fans. Today I find myself rooting for any team that Mike D'Antoni coaches for reasons explained in previous blogs.

But I also find myself, a good long time after I was a Sixers fan, looking forward to this finals series. ESPN has had a lot of programming about the Lakers-Celtics rivalry and it has actually inspired an interest for me. It's going to be as close to an old-school matchup that will happen for awhile. It should be a close series and we know that drama is good.

Attached via link is a story by ESPN's Bill Simmons, who grew up a Celtics fan and now lives in Los Angeles. Simmons is one of the best sportswriters going now.
Read and enjoy and thanks to BGX for tipping me off to the link

By the way, F Kobe Go Celtics

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