Sunday, August 3, 2008

ESPN's Sports Reporters

When Dick Schaap was alive, the Sports Reporters was one of my favorites shows. I really looked forward to it every week. The show just isn't anywhere near as enjoyable as it was. I like John Saunders a lot. He isn't the problem now. A big part of it to me is Mike Lupica and Mitch Albom. I find them almost intolerable now. They both have an overwhelming combination of smugness and arrogance that is intolerable. ESPN now usually brings in a couple of clowns to sit in with Lupica if Mitch isn't there. It is almost to the point where I don't want to watch even if I am watching tv when it is on. Maybe I am being too tough on them because the topics they discuss are usually disected by Around the Horn and PTI well before the Sports Reporters airs, and those two shows need to quit covering almost identical topics on a daily basis if the Horn is to survive.


Good luck at the tables today!

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