Monday, August 4, 2008

RIP Skip Caray

I was so saddened by this news of the death of Skip Caray last night.

Skip has been a huge part of my summers for the past 3 decades and was by far my favorite announcer.

He was a fan of the game who respected the game but he didn't think it was the most important thing in the world. Skip was a part of the team and wanted the Braves to win but he was brutally honest about the team's ability during the many years the Braves were so bad that they were never really in the playoff race. Skip always acknowledged good play no matter which jersey the player who made it wore. He was a comfort to listen to when I was going through the process of losing my dad and has seemed like a member of the family for a very long time. He will be sorely missed. Prayers for his family, friends and fans. Braves baseball has lost a great and it will never be the same.

Skip(right) with his Hall of Fame father Harry Caray.

You can read more about Skip at CNN and the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Another great story about Skip from the AJC

My favorite call by Skip.

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