Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great day for Wretchy

I was out of town and away from the internet since Wednesday night, so I missed the Wretched One's great day on Thursday.

Dan Martin, future World Number One, blew up the poker world on Wednesday, August 27, 2008.

Wretchy made four final tables and took down two legs of the triple crown in one evening. Dan won the FullTiltPoker $35,000 Guarantee for $11360.16, finishing 1st out of 672.

He also won the UltimateBet Sniper 80k Guaranteed on 08-27-2008. Wretchy cashed in the amount of $20000.00 for finishing 1st out of 364.

WRETCHY also final tabled the Absolute Poker $100K Pro Bounty Guaranteed on 08-27-2008. He won $1683.00 for finishing 9th out of 99.

Finally, Wretchy got heads up for the title in the UltimateBet 20K Gtd Deep Stack on 08-27-2008. Dan won $3200.00 for finishing 2nd out of 153.

A fantastic year for most all in one evening. I am really pulling for Wretchy to take down the triple crown. This week is likely to propel him further up the world rankings at A great guy and fantastic player, expect great things from Wretchy in the years to come.

Great job sir!

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