Monday, April 27, 2009

Froch v Taylor

One of the best fights of the year happened Saturday night and you didn't have to shell out pay per view dollars to see it.
Showtime showcased the 168 lb super middleweight bout between undefeated WBC champ Carl Froch and former champ Jermain Taylor.
The action packed fight saw Taylor knock down Froch early and control most of the early and middle rounds.
The champ stepped up the pace in the latter rounds, pressuring Taylor who had shown in recent fights that his stamina was questionable. Froch, behind on two of the judge's cards, knocked Taylor down midway through the twelth round. The clearly hurt Taylor got back up and gamely continued. But Froch was too much. Pinning Taylor against the ropes, Froch unleashed a flurry of punches that dropped Taylor's hands and closed his eyes. The referee, Michael Ortega, wisely stepped in and halted the fight at the 2:46 mark of the final round.
Froch Taylor Boxing
I was disappointed that Showtime's announcers implied that the fight should have been allowed to finish and that the ref should have allowed it to play out the final 14 seconds. However, both fighters and the ref handled the questions well and did a great job of explaining what had happened. Clearly Taylor was defenseless at the time of the stoppage and would have endured close to a dozen hammering blows were the fight to continue.

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