Saturday, April 4, 2009


I have no idea why, but I love Badugi. I have to make myself stop playing after awhile because I would sit there all evening.

It has been a good last 24 hours on the carbon felt. I cashed in a micro Stud High/Low tourney on Pokerstars last night. I got an early start in tourneys today on UB, playing two bounty tournaments. I made the final 3 tables in both and supplemented the prizes with 7 bounties. Definitely an enjoyable day.


The first game in the final four was a bit of a surprise to me. Michigan State is a very good team and I am a fan of Tom Izzo, but I really expected UConn to win. They have played very well this year. Of course the connection to the Big East made me pull for UConn.

Congrats to UConn Women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma. Geno won the Coach of the Year award today. His team is undefeated and seeking a 6th National Title. As a fellow Italian-American, I always pull for Geno unless his team is playing WVU.
Good luck in the Lady's Final Four Geno.Geno Auriemma

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