Monday, April 13, 2009

Overnight Updates

While most of the East Coast was asleep last night, several top online poker players were raking in the cash with both hands.

Dan "Wretchy" Martin made two final tables last night/early this morning. He finished 5th out of 3626 entrants in the FullTiltPoker $750,000 Guarantee which began on 04-12-2009. Wretchy took home $31050.00 for that great performance.
Wretchy also made the final table in the FullTiltPoker $75,000 Guarantee which started last night. For finishing 6th out of 856 in this tournament, he won $5778.00. Great job sir!
Jason Koon aka JAKoon1985 aka NovaSky won the FullTiltPoker The Sunday Mulligan which started on April 12, 2009. The win earned Jason $53020.00. He finished 1st among 1205 entrants. It has been a great week for Jason and he bounced back from a horrendous beat in the SCOOP $10,000 main event in which what should have been a triple up for him turned into a runner runner flush for a dominated opponent. Well done Jason!

Finally, Jared Hamby aka TheWacoKidd final tabled the FullTiltPoker $200,000 Guarantee (Rebuy) which began play on 04-12-2009. Waco won $8063.10 for finishing 7th out of 514 players. Good to see Waco at the final table again. Excellent play sir!jared-hamby-01


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