Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friends continue to Roll

Major runs through the tournaments again for Wretchy, Illnugwichee and Agriffrod last night.

Wretchy final tabled the Wretchy Open Rebuy, aka the PokerStars $22+R NL Hold'em, on 03-11-2008. He finished in 6th place (out of 369) scoring $1367.10. To avoid being redundant, I may have to only post about his results in this tourney when he wins it.

Great job Again Sir
wretchy tina dude wretchy's mom

ILLNuGWichee took home $2070.00 from PokerStars for winning a $100+9 90 player sng.
Nuggy is a huge Indianapolis Colts fan and Peyton is a huge Nuggy fan as you can see.

Agriffrod won the PokerStars $109 NLHE [$25,000 guaranteed] on 03-11-2008. Griff won $12126.00 for beating out 563 opponents. Very impressive Griff!

agggg 2

New River Gorge Bridge WV

Finally congrats to the West Virginia University Men's Basketball team for winning today's first round game vs Providence in the Big East Tournament and good luck in the second round vs UConn. Also, congrats to Joe Alexander (pictured below) for being named to the first team All Big East team.


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