Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mathclub and Wretchy roll!

Congrats to Mathclub for taking down the $20+2 tourney on PartyPoker last night my time (he's in new zealand so i guess it was today his time). He scored a nice $1200 for the win, made a final table at AbsolutePoker where he finished 4th of 673, and also made the final table at Bodog where he took down 3rd place because AK ls less than AJ and A8 is less than A3 obv. Great job Mathclub. Very Well done.

Also major Congrats to Wretchy for his work in the $22rebuy on PokerStars yesterday. Wretchy finished 2nd of 387 and won $5300+./ Another great run for the Wretched one. He's on fire and about to make major waves in the online Poker world. Very good job Wretchy. Good luck at the tables everyone.

hopper nighthawks

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