Saturday, March 15, 2008

A pretty good March 14

I really enjoy playing in the bounty tournaments on UltimateBet. Those tourneys always seem to draw a lot of players and remind me of the glory days of UB where each NLHE tourney at my buy in level attracted 400-500 players.

I had a good tournament right from the start when I was dealt JJ on the first hand. One of the limpers called the raise and a Jack hit on the flop and the turn was a full house. My opponent called with a pair of fours and a straight draw all the way through the river.

I was happy, not only because I played more aggressively and well, but because I finished 17th and won 3 bounties. The tournament only has a $3 +.30 + $1 bounty buy in but also has a $3k guarantee. So my total take of $22.50 plus the 3 bounties netted me almost 6 times my outlay.

Thanks to Sicktight311 for railing me and congrats to him for final tabling the $4.40PL Omaha [turbo] on PokerStars held 03-14-2008. He finished 7th out of 463 and took home $70.38 for great work. Well done sir.
Sick is playing great poker and shares his thoughts and ideas on his blog. Be sure to check out his blog here:

Also check out his band here: It is definetly worth it.

Have a great day everyone.

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