Thursday, March 13, 2008

A great day for the Mountaineers

WVU beat UConn in the second round of the Big East Men's Basketball Tournament today. Joe Alexander is a beast and the whole team played really well on defense and on the boards.

Joe Alexander dunks over UConn's Stanley Robinson

I finally broke my string of cashless tournments after a few frustrating days. I limped into the money in a $5.50 NLHE MTT on FullTiltPoker. I was actually pleased with my play tonight as I was much more aggressive in the hands I played. I did have a disconnect problem that cost me several rounds of blinds and antes.

I got my money in w AQ v 66 with slightly less than ten bbs after the 66 limped in. He hit a 6 on the flop and I was toast. I finished 27 of 270 so there wasn't much of a profit and it certainly wasn't a final table, but it was nice finishing in the money again.

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