Sunday, April 6, 2008

Final Table at PokerStars

I haven't been able to play much the past week and the two tourneys that I did get to play saw my KK chased down by two outers on UB. I had a few hours to play Saturday and decided to try out PokerStars since I could play longer if I went deep. Well an A6 suited thought it wise to call me twice with nothing and hit an ace on the turn to crack my aces in the hold em tourney I entered so I wasn't feeling terribly optimistic. But I joined a PL Omaha tourney after busting out of the hold em tourney. I like playing PL Omaha Hi Lo but haven't played many PL Omaha Hi tourneys and have had little success. But I got off to a good start in this tourney and, after what seemed like a day and a half when we got down to ten players, I was able to make the final table. It was my first final table at PokerStars in a long time. I was able to finish 5th after starting the final table in 6th place.

One hand helped me when the big blind decided to defend and only served to double me up when the big blind's draw missed after the flop. I personally try to avoid recklessly doubling up the short stacks late in a tourney. The chips I might win never seem to be worth the risk of throwing away chips to the ss.

I was too aggressive with my last hand and pot committed myself with a pair of jacks and a suited ace. Of course someone behind me had aces so I was done. It was great to get to the final table but I wish that hadn't been down. I was only able to talk to a couple of friends via AIM while the tourney was going on. I really like talking to people while playing. I guess I shouldn't but it seems like ti actually helps me play better. It's also nice to let people know that I play a little too.

$5 PL Omaha MTT 4 4 08 finished 5th won $73 03 cents

Good Luck at the tables everyone. I'll see ya soon.


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WEEEEEEEE. Good work!