Sunday, April 6, 2008

iLLNuGWichee is a final table machine

On Friday, April 4, 2008, iLLNuGWichee had a day at the tables that few dare dream about. He made 5 final tables at 4 different sites.

He finished 2nd of 62 in a Bodog 10K guarantee for $2000.
He finished 2nd of 486 in the $109 buy in $25,000 guarantee at PokerStars for $7290.
He finished 5th of 113 in the $20k guarantee at UltimateBet for $1400.
He finished 3rd of 188 in a Bodog 10K guarantee for $1190.
Finally, he finished 5th of 245 in the $22k guarantee rebuy at FullTiltPoker for $1644.90.

A fantastic effort by a great guy. Very well done sir.

Zac Fronterhouse illnugwichee
^ The Machine

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