Friday, April 25, 2008

Pacman Jones

PacMan Jones
I'm sure that many won't be surprised to find that I am a Pacman Jones fan. He was such a big part of the Mountaineer's success and didn't have the major off-field issues while at WVU. So also being a Dallas Cowboys fan made me pay attention when the matter of a possible trade between Tennessee and Dallas first came up. Mostly I hope that Pacman is able to straighten up his life. If it goes through, ESPN is reporting that the trade has not yet been finalized, this trade has the potential for being huge for the Cowboys. Pacman's on the field ability is impressive and he would really solidify the defensive back position and would be a threat as a kick returner. If acquired, the Cowboys could then use the extra first round pick they have this year from the trade with Cleveland during last year's draft which the Browns used to select Brady Quinn, to add depth to the offense at the skill positions or for help on either line. I have to say I hope that the trade goes through.

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