Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stud MTT Final Table at UltimateBet

It was a great weekend at the tables. Even though it was a small field, I was happy to make the final table in the $5.50 Stud MTT at UltimateBet. After making a final table yesterday, I was really excited to make another run deep into a tourney today. It's been a really long time since that has happened for me.

$5 50 Stud MTT 4 6 08 finish 7th won $14 40cents

I made it to the final three tables in a no limit hold em bounty tourney at UB tonight too. I didn't cash for much and only got one and a half bounty, the half bounty resulting from a hand where my AA and another guys AA knocked out a guy with KK who then proceeded to whine about losing the hand, but it was nice to have another solid tourney today to go with the final table.

John Smoltz pitched five scoreless innings today against the Mets and picked up the win for the Braves. Great to see and I hope he is able to stay healthy this year. He's a great pitcher.
Mets Braves Baseball

Good luck at the tables.

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