Sunday, May 4, 2008

A shameful chapter in WVU history.

I am embarrassed at the conduct of many of the high ranking officials at my alma mater, West Virginia University. It was shameful how the institution as a whole acted in awarding a master's degree to Governor Joe Manchin's daughter that she certainly didn't deserve. I hope that the people who will replace those who have been fired or resigned, will work hard to restore the University's reputation.

To read the story of the scandal, visit the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, whose reporters Len Boselovic and Patricia Sabatini should win the Pulitzer for their work, here: Story of a cover up

President Garrison should resign.

There is no place for politics in the awarding of non-honorary degrees. They waited too long to revoke the un-earned degree.

Another site with a huge amount of info is Associated Press Reporter Lawrence Messina's very interesting personal blog here: Lincoln Walks at Midnight

Here a story from the Charleston Gazette on the report issued by the panel investigating this matter Bresch scandal and finally an excellent argument for why Mike Garrison should resign tarnished president should step down


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Anonymous said...

What about Manchin? This is just another in a long list of embarrassments from him and though a resignation may be a bit harsh, he shouldn't be considered for reelection.