Thursday, May 1, 2008

Smoltz and Sportmanship

Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz told the Atlanta Journal Constitution today that when he returns from the disabled list it will be as a reliever.
Read more about it here: Smoltz to finish season in the bullpen and read Bobby Cox's view on the injury Cox'Injury could have been worse' and Smoltz's role on the team: Bullpen an option for Smoltz says Cox

Below is a link about a great tale of sportsmanship in College Sports. It involves a Division II women's softball game in which two members of the fielding team stepped up to help the batter after she hit her first career home run in what turns out to be her last game. The trip around the bases takes an unexpected twist. There are too many places where the actions of the fielders and the reactions of those rooting for the fielders would very likely have been different. That is unfortunate because their small act of courage in doing the right thing shows us what sports is all about.
A Touching Gesture of Sportsmanship

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