Friday, May 2, 2008

TranquilChaos and Mathclub roll through tourney fields!

Friend of the blog Tranquilchaos cut through the field in the UltimateBet Sniper 10K Guaranteed on yesterday. He won the tournament and earned $2350.00 for beating the field of 628.
As many of you know, TC is Devin Porter who has made multiple final tables on the WPT and a final table at the WSOP. Don't let this picture Devin Porter TranquilChaos fool you, he is definitely a threat to take down a bracelet at the WSOP this year.
Congrats on a fine effort Devin!

You can read his blog here: TranquilChaos

Our New Zealand friend, Mathclub, had another great evening on the virtual felt. On PokerStars under his screenname jakehekejnr, he won Tournament 86799589 in the early hours of 05-02-2008. For outlasting 156 other players, Mathclub won $1083.31. mathclub He also made the final table in the $33 and $5rebuy on FullTilt. Another great evening for a really good guy! Awesome job sir! I wouldn't be surprised to see Mathclub take some expensive jewelry home from Las Vegas this summer. However, he may have a disadvantage since he'll only be able to play one tournament at a time.

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