Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chipper breaks up no-hitter, Teixiera probably gone

Chipper Jones got the Braves' lone hit in yesterday's loss to Florida. Atlanta is now in 4th place in the NL east, 7 games back of the Phillies.
The Braves just can't get the offense going consistently this year. I hear that Jeff Francoeur has an ankle that is pretty messed up and which may require surgery at the end of the year and Chipper's injury seems to taken away some of his power. Of course the pitching staff has been bombarded with injuries too. How much better would the record be if Smoltz and Hampton were in the rotation and Glavine hadn't gotten hurt? We will never know for sure but this is a season that might have been.
Now the payroll cap which has hamstrung the Braves ever since Ted Turner sold/merged his empire is about to futher gut the offense. I cannot imagine that Mark Teixiera will a Brave on August 1. He is hitting the ball well and his power and defense will definitely make him a trade target. It's too bad. He is the perfect guy to have hitting in the cleanup spot behind Chipper and as a Georgia Tech alum, you would think that Atlanta would be a place he would like to stay. But with Scott Boras as his agent and the fact that they refuse to discuss a new deal before the end of the season, Tex is likely gone. That is way too bad. My time watching the Braves began when they were in the cellar of tne NL in the late 70s. I hate that by setting an unreasonable payroll they are now making it more likely that is their destination instead of the playoffs.

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