Thursday, July 10, 2008

DexterCain's daily double

A post today on pointed out that San Jose resident and forum member DexterCain had an incredible day at PokerStars on July 7.

Dexter started off the day by beating out 935 other players and winning the $11 NLHE MTT. He won $2,340.00 for his efforts there. Dexter said that two hands stood out after the tourney was down to two players. When the heads up action began, he was faced with about a 4 to 1 chip deficit. When the first hand was dealt, his opponent pushed all-in, after tanking Dexter called with KJ. His opponent turned over a QJ and the KJ held. A later hand saw the players all-in for a huge pot with A5 and A9 respectively. Fortunately for Dexter the board produced a chop and he stayed alive to take down the tourney.

The confidence boost he received from this win helped in another tourney he was now playing at the same time. The $11 cubed(1r+1a) Pot Limit Omaha. This tournament had started while the No Limit Hold Em tourney was moving to an end. Dexter reached the final table and, in his words, "got hit in the head with the deck." A nice run at the best time saw almost every hand produced a flop which gave him top set or the nut straight. His opponents didn't know what hit them, but they saw Dexter walk away with the top prize. For beating 107 opponents, he won an additional $531.31.

This impressive day of playing also saw Dexter reach another final table, this time in the $30 PLO freezeout on Pokerstars. Dexter's rating on pocketfives has reached the nintieth percentile. Many more days like this and he will find himself in the top 100. Congrats on a great day.

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Pud's Poker said...

That is one sick day! I've just started playing solely MTTs and look forward to runs like this!