Monday, July 14, 2008

In the money at UB

I signed up for a five dollar rebuy last night without realizing that it was a rebuy. The crazy aggressive play in the rebuy period is not something that my style meshes well with. There were 525 players in the tourney so it was likely to be a long time before the cash bubble was busted.
About three and one half hours later, the 61st player was eliminated and everyone left was in the money. Below is the one key hand that got me a stack to case. I flopped full house and slow played it effectively so that I was doubled up on the river by an opponent who had made a straight.

Getting Hand History Information...

Hand #55190554-143 at 7pm8K-007 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Started at 13/Jul/08 21:37:42

Todd3313 is at seat 0 with 16220.
reep11 is at seat 1 with 8755.
wrapking is at seat 2 with 24240.
jfs888888 is at seat 3 with 3570.
Mancoe is at seat 4 with 13305.
SluggerWV is at seat 5 with 17020.
jkoch1405 is at seat 6 with 56735.
speedy15453 is at seat 7 with 8895.
candysticks is at seat 8 with 38005.
M2 is at seat 9 with 19855.
The button is at seat 1.

SluggerWV posts ante (75).

jfs888888 posts the small blind of 300.
Mancoe posts the big blind of 600.

SluggerWV: 9h 9c


SluggerWV raises to 1600. jkoch1405 folds.
speedy15453 folds. candysticks folds. M2 folds.
Todd3313 folds. reep11 folds. wrapking calls.
jfs888888 folds. Mancoe folds.

Flop (board: 8d 8s 9d):

SluggerWV checks. wrapking checks.

Turn (board: 8d 8s 9d 7h):

SluggerWV checks. wrapking checks.

River (board: 8d 8s 9d 7h Tc):

SluggerWV bets 1400. wrapking raises to 2800.
SluggerWV goes all-in for 15345. wrapking calls.

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

wrapking shows Jh Kh.
SluggerWV shows 9h 9c.

wrapking has Jh 8d 9d 7h Tc: straight, jack high.
SluggerWV has 9h 9c 8d 8s 9d: full house, nines full of eights.

Hand #55190554-143 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
SluggerWV wins 35540 with full house, nines full of eights.

I had not realized how the rebuy allowed for some good deep stack action. Even though I was card dead throughout most of the action, I wasn't ever dealt aces or kings, and only had two sets throughout the tourney, I was able to get enough pots to stay alive until that double up. I finished 50th, busting when I pushed AJ v KK.
I believe that there will be more rebuys in my playing future.
Good luck everyone.
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$5 rebuy NLHE MTT July 13 2008 finish 50th won $34 70cents

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