Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Friends taking over final tables across the interweb

Wretchy visted the final table a couple of times yesterday. In the PokerStars The Super Tuesday (2x) on 07-08-2008, he finished 7th out of 552 and won $19320.00.

In the FullTiltPoker $15,000 Guarantee on 07-08-2008. Wretchy finished 3rd out of 367, winning $2202.00. He also final tabled a $1,000 live event in Las Vegas the same night.

iLLNuGWichee final tabled the FullTiltPoker $23,000 KO Guarantee on 07-08-2008. Nuggy won $1600.09 for finishing 5th out of 431.

Today, iLLNuGWichee kept the ball rolling in the UltimateBet Bounty 10K Guaranteed on 07-09-2008. He won $800.00 for a 4th place finish out of 220.

ess286 just missed the final table in the FullTiltPoker $3 + $0.30 Tournament on 07-08-2008. He finished 11th out of 366 and won $15.37.

Great job guys! Continued good luck on the green felt and off as well

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