Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trade deadline has brought a lot of heavy action

The Braves traded Teixeira for a guy I don't know much about, the Yankees stole Pudge Rodriquez from the Tigers to replace an injured Jorge Posada and that might not be the biggest deals we will see before the evening is done.

I never would have thought that Ken Griffey Jr.'s run in Cincinnati would turn out the way it did, but he is now a Chicago White Sox. Hopefully he will be healthy the rest of the year. It's a shame what injuries to Griffey have robbed from the history of baseball. He should be up with Aaron and the Babe.

I can't believe with the way that Manny Ramirez has loafed the last month that teams are actually lining up to trade for him. He has been a great hitter but what a shame to see him walk on groundballs, play left field like he has no interest and take days off for the hell of it.

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