Tuesday, August 7, 2007

$12 bounty tourney at UB

The great thing about the tournaments at UB, aside from the structure, is the fact that you don't have to be massive fields each tourney to have a chance to win. The most frustrating thing about tourneys at UB is that, because the fields are so small, there aren't a lot of spots in the money. I played two five dollar tourneys, one a bounty, and finished a table away from the money in one and donked my way out of the other in mid-stream.
I played the $12+1 bounty tourney and battled around for quite a while. The best hand I was dealt was the one time I got QQ. Aggressive pushes gained me enough chips as the bubbled neared kept me alive until I got lucky on the hand below, which kept me alive until I was knocked out in 16th, 4 in the money:
Hand #45205766-128 at Tue645pmBounty-006 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)Started at 07/Aug/07 20:52:42
SluggerWV is at seat 0 with 2000.
Tjunit is at seat 1 with 12145.
fyewiks is at seat 2 with 5235.
nevets8 is at seat 3 with 11975.
Gunn Smoke is at seat 4 with 3030.
ROBB17 is at seat 5 with 6470.
devaney22 is at seat 6 with 9350.
DonnaMae44 is at seat 7 with 4405.
scottyclark is at seat 9 with 6145.
The button is at seat 0.
SluggerWV posts ante (25).
fyewiks posts the small blind of 150.
nevets8 posts the big blind of 300.
SluggerWV: 3c As
Pre-flop: Gunn Smoke folds. ROBB17 folds. devaney22 folds. DonnaMae44 folds. scottyclark folds.
SluggerWV goes all-in for 1975.
Tjunit folds. fyewiks goes all-in for 5210. nevets8 folds. fyewiks is returned 3235 (uncalled).
Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:
SluggerWV shows 3c As. fyewiks shows Ks Kh.
Flop (board: 8h 2c Ac): (no action in this round)
Turn (board: 8h 2c Ac 3s): (no action in this round)
River (board: 8h 2c Ac 3s 6c): (no action in this round)

Showdown: SluggerWV has 3c As 8h Ac 3s: two pair, aces and threes.
fyewiks has Ks Kh 8h Ac 6c: a pair of kings.
SluggerWV wins 4475 with two pair, aces and threes.

I ve been working harder at concentrating on my games and avoiding surfing Pocketfives while I'm playing. So after I busted it was really nice to find a couple of personal messages (pms) letting me know that the Braves were having a great game against the Mets in game one of a key series. As I write this, Chipper has a couple of hits. Jeff "Frenchy" Francoeur has 4 hits including 2 doubles and a homer. Go Braves!!!!!!!

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