Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Field of Dreams

I ran across the movie "Field of Dreams" a couple of days ago while surfing the channel guide. It had been a couple of years since I had last watched it and after seeing it close to a dozen times all I can say is that it still is a great movie. Some of it meant even more to me now that my Dad is gone but there is so much about several aspects of life throughout the movie that I doubt it will ever get old to me.
Then I ran across the video below again. It shows Dick and Rick Hoyt. If you don't know their story. Please read this: Be warned it will make you cry.
The video is to the song "I can only imagine" by MercyMe.

BTW, I won the sit n go the other night and had a good cash game session last night but the bad beats are still flowing in the tourneys. The worse part is that it makes me feel like I was only lucky during the times when I have had really good results in a tourney. But carrying on is the theme of the day.

Good luck everyone Have a great day

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