Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Short Stack Judo Action and the Lure of the Bounty at UB

Played the $6.50 Bounty tournament at UlitimateBet today. In the third hand I was dealt AA. I raised 3 times the big blind and had 2 callers in additon to the blinds. The flop was J high and it was checked to me and I bet a little more than half the bot. I was called by the button. The turn was a second diamond so I bet out strong again and was raised, I re-raised all-in. The button called with J8s of diamonds. Of course the river was a diamond to make his flush and leave me with 65 chips. I was less than happy. The blinds were about to change from 5-10 to 10-20. The next hand I played was w 87o after 2 limpers and big raise. I thought that hand would be good against someone heads up, the there were two callers and I was sure I was done. But I caught second pair on the flop and miracously A rag bet everyone else out of the pot. I guess the bounty worked in my favor there. My pair held up and I was up to 240. I was patient and moved in a couple times with Ax from late position in unopened pots and w TT twice, and was able to get my stack to 600 chips. I went over the top of a raise when dealt QQ and was insta-raised all lin by two to my left and thought I was in bad shape when he turned over T8o. The lure of the bounty saved me again. Q on the flop and didn't even have to sweat the hand. I was now back to almost where I started. I eventually got my stack up to 9500 and finished in 29th of 385 with 40 places paying. I won't go through any more hand histories but I am so happy with the way I played after that bad beat it's hard to sit still and not go around screaming while jumping up and down. It is surely difficult to beat the feeling of playing a tournament well. Good luck at the tables everyone. Please pray for the families of the Miners trapped in Utah and the soldiers in harms way.


SICKTIGHT311 said...

Nice short-stack action. I remember 1 time on PokerStars I was down to $125 in a tourney at the 25/50 level. Tourney started with about 900 people and we were down to around 650. I ran the 125 all the way up to 120,000 and almost final tabled it. Never give up.

SluggerWV said...

120k now that is a comeback

way to go man