Thursday, August 2, 2007

Final Table at UltimateBet

The day certainly ended much better than I expected. The day's last tournament found me at the final table in the $5 tourney at UB. Was happy to even get in the money considering I had 1k in chips at first break. I was fortunate to flop trips in the first hand at the final table and more than tripled up in a hand w 5 limpers and one caller for my all. There were 46 hands dealt without an elimination and then two people were knocked out in the 47th hand. I limped with an ace trying to trap and was trapped with top pair vs a flopped straight. Fifth place was nice though.

I really wish that UB allowed observer chat at the final table. There was absolutley no talking going on and I hate no talking.

The Braves scored 7 in the first against the Astros tonight. The offense has come to life recently. Great to see. I would love to see them in the World Series again this year. It has been awhile and this team has a lot of talent. I do think there would be a downside if they made it to the series. I think Bobby Cox, and may GM John Scherholz, would retire if they get there again. But it would be great to send them out on top if that happened.

Good Night everyone and good luck.

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