Sunday, August 19, 2007

At the rail with Wretchy

Dan Martin is an accounting major at Southern Oregon University. Dan “Wretchy”
Martin is a poker fiend tearing up big tournaments across the internet who can be found mostly at PokerStars and FullTilt Poker. Wretchy has been nice enough help a lot of players, including me, with their game. He’s never too busy to discuss a hand history (“HH”) or stop by and rail his friends in a tournament. Recently his younger brother Kurt "Mr.Sp0ck" has started playing and has benefitied from big brother's advice. Wretchy agreed to be the very first interviewee here at the Rail.
Wretchy thanks very much for taking the time to answer some questions. It's very much appreciated.
Wretchy: No problem. LOL

"Who taught you how to play?
Wretchy: My best friends dad really took my game to another level to begin with, then I had a few big time scores. At that time I went to Vegas for spring break and met up with Waco who basically gave me an 8 hour cram lesson on poker. I played all the majors with him and learned a shitload. Now, I have all sorts of people helping me out, MattG, Sketchy, Agriffrod, Anbessa, and a few others look over HH's for me."

"What place do you love to play live?
Wretchy: I had a real good time playing at theVenetian live, but f their bad beats, I enjoy the Peppermill in Reno also"

"What's your favorite Vacation Destination?
Wretchy: Mexico has been the funnest place I've been but I was young and it was because I could go get wasted. I was over the 4 foot mark so every bar served me. Lately, it was Las Vegas where I got to meet a bunch of online guys that I had never met before. I_Blade_U, Ricestud, Str8frush, MattG1983,Apestyles, SCTrojans, Atimos, Amak, StPauli, Grinder444, Chaz, and the list goes on and on. Had a blast and can't wait to do it again"

"What is your favorite Sports Radio show?
Wretchy: I don't list to sports radio unless its on Madden 08 for 360"

"Who is your favorite singer?
Wretchy: Probably the group The Academy Is,
although Tom Petty could really be #1.
" Yeah Tom Petty has been great for such a long time and he still seems underappreciated.

"Which songs on your I-pod do you listen to the most right now?
Wretchy: All the RHCP(Red Hot Chili Peppers), alt, and Everlast, depends on the ipod though, I have 2, one for rap and one for rock/alt"

"Which place you would like to go that you haven’t been to yet?
Wretchy: Bahamas, somewhere really warm, F the snow, seriously." I've been to both Freeport and Nassau and can say that both are fantastic places to visit.

"Most tournament’s cashed in a row?
Wretchy: Not sure, one day I final tabled 3 tournaments in a row and won 2 of them though, that was a 20k day plus" Wow. That's very impressive and would be a great year for most online players.

"What movie can you watch over and over again?
Wretchy: Office Space or any Will Ferrell movie."

"Steak, Chicken, Seafood or vegetarian?
Wretchy: Meat baby, I will take a steak with a side of seafood any day, <3 Seafood buffets"

"Dogs or cats?
Wretchy: Dogs ftw"

"What’s your Favorite book?
Wretchy: John Grisham's "The Rainmaker"" Grisham does such a good job of writing books that are interesting and hard to put down. I've read The Firm three times.

"Blackjack or Craps?
Wretchy: Wow, craps, I'm amazing its sick"

"Norman Chad or Vince Van Patten
Wretchy: Vince, Normal just sucks" LOL.

"Best poker tip you’ve ever been given/discovered?
Wretchy: Check raise flush draw awwwww in <3 Waco"

"How did you find out about
Wretchy: My best friend showed me, I decided to become the forum whore."

"What is your favorite sport and why?
Wretchy: Playing, would be basketball, I was all state / confrence in high school and just enjoyed it all together. Also track because I owned the shit out of everyone who ran against me."

"James Bond or Jason Bourne?
Wretchy: Bond, obv"

"X-box 360, Wii or PS3?
Wretchy: X-box 360, Wii or PS3? Have a 360 and Wii, 360 pwnz though."

"Most successful sports bet?
Wretchy: I once went 13/14 on sports action during last years football season, other than that I went 12/14 in NCAA games with the spread during March Madness when I was like 14." That is an incredible run.

"Which player do you like to watch who plays a style very different from yours?
Wretchy: Cue all the Annette's... I_BLADE_U I like his style and watched him in Vegas play, he's going to be sick good."

"What poker player plays most like you?
Wretchy: I try to follow in Waco's ownage but if someone plays like me I'd have to go with Slugger, Chaz, CubbieRae, Deadmoney, and a few others I've taught some things to along the way."

"Best hand you ever played?
Wretchy: There is never 1 hand, although when I lost AA vs AKsooted on a Ak4 rainbow board and somehow managed to lose the biggest pot of my life, it sucks"

"Favorite College Team and why?
Wretchy: Uh, a sick toss up. I used to love the Ducks, now I am a Oregon State Beaver fan, but I still root for both of them.... I couldn't pick a team if I had to."

"Barry Bonds: Steroids/HGH or innocent?
Wretchy: Guilty as proven but the guy still hit all those homeruns, nobody can take it away from him, I say go for it."

"Sports memorabilia you would most like to own?
Wretchy: Barry Bonds HR ball? obv."

"Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel?
Wretchy: Jessica Biel sfobv.... sigh"

If I see her, I'll let her know. Thanks for your time Wretchy and good luck at the tables.

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