Wednesday, August 1, 2007

At least the streak is broken.

Was lucky enough not to have much work today so I played a tourney at PokerStars. Small buy-in($3) tournament with a ton of people allowed me to break my string of busting out. Was fortunate early to pick up AA in bb and have sb re-raise the button's steal attempt. I went all in and he called w TT. The only other big hand early saw a guy w a small stack try to steal after my utg raise w KK and he had A3o. No ace so it was a nice pick up. Busted out much later in the money with AQs from bb when button raised me and I went over the top all in. He had 77. Two clubs on the flop gave me hope, but the turn and the river snuffed it out. Still Im happy to finish in the money again.

Good luck at the tables

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