Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good Breaks for a change.

The bad beats finally went my way at UB tonight. Three key hands turned into straights when I was behind to allow me to reach, and then stay at, the final table. It was a welcome change. A fourth hand would've been a huge suckout but I folded TT when the action was down to the final two tables after an all-in and an all-in over the top in front of me. A third all in behind made me think I had made the right move. Pre-flop I was right as a pair of aces and a pair of queens were turned over, along with an AQ. But a ten high flop and no other help for anyone else made me wish I had pushed and more than tripled up. I was able to finish 7th thanks to a another three way all-in at the final table. AQ v. QQ v. 99 saw the 99 river a diamond flush to eliminate the other two in the action.
My earlier tournament went really well until I pushed JJ against the player to my left who had recently sucked out w JJ to crack my aces. This time the aces he had held up. This hand will, and to an extent in the later tournament has, help me not to push so hard with hands like JJ.
Every day you learn something is a good day. Good luck at the tables everyone.

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