Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why does being drawn out on hurt more than making a bad play?

Bubbled yesterday in 12 bounty tournament finished 23 with 20 playing. Played a $2 bounty tournament earlier today and lost because I didn't believe that the guy two to my left had aces twice in five hands. Then this:
"Hand #45684548-46 at Thu6pmBounty-005 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Started at 23/Aug/07 18:51:19

WILDHENRY is at seat 0 with 2940.
Harpoon is at seat 1 with 8065.
SluggerWV is at seat 2 with 1840.
kingakings420 is at seat 3 with 2435.
billyc1234 is at seat 4 with 730.
puga7 is at seat 5 with 1275.
boodzie_8 is at seat 6 with 2665.
IWINBABY is at seat 7 with 870.
HHHR is at seat 8 with 6680.
happyric is at seat 9 with 2835.
The button is at seat 4.

puga7 posts the small blind of 30.
boodzie_8 posts the big blind of 60.

SluggerWV: Qc Qs


IWINBABY folds. HHHR folds. happyric folds.
WILDHENRY folds. Harpoon raises to 210. SluggerWV
calls. kingakings420 folds. billyc1234 folds.
puga7 folds. boodzie_8 folds.

Flop (board: 8c 2s 8h):

Harpoon bets 185. SluggerWV raises to 600. Harpoon
re-raises to 1015. SluggerWV goes all-in for 1630.
Harpoon calls.

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:
Harpoon shows Ah 9d.
SluggerWV shows Qc Qs.

Turn (board: 8c 2s 8h Ad):
River (board: 8c 2s 8h Ad 9s):

Harpoon has Ah 9d 8c Ad 9s: two pair, aces and nines.
SluggerWV has Qc Qs 8c 8h Ad: two pair, queens and eights.

Harpoon wins 3770 with two pair, aces and nines.
Now I have played with this guy before. He absolutely loves overcards so the call pre-flop was to avoid an ace. It is so frustrating to have this happen. Am I the only one who takes no solace in the fact that he made a horrible play? The injustice of it all outweighs any satisfaction from playing the hand well.

good luck at the tables

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