Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Bodog Freeroll plus rebuys + add-ons

Last night I played in a tournament on Bodog with an unique format. Bodog runs a $1K guarantee free-roll with rebuys and add-ons. Five thousand players entered with only 99 spots being paid. Like most rebuy tourneys, this one had a lot of loose, aggressive play early on. Doubled up early w AQ v KK and an ace on the flop. Won a big pot when my gutshot hit on the river after I called a small bet on the turn planning on stealing. After doubling up again with a set, i was in a good position to play selectively. I didn't get a ton of cards througout the tourney. I was only dealt KK once and do not remember being dealt aces. A few big hands that kept me alive coming down the bubble stretch were: 99 v AQ which hit a set on the river but the AQ was unimproved until then, KTs which turned into a straight on the river and 33 all-in preflop, which was held up vs A4s and another caller who was pushed out of the pot when two diamonds hit the flop. But the 33 held up unimproved.

I missed a big chance to more than double up when I had a slightly above average stack later in tourney. I was dealt 86 in the bb but folded to a raise and a call from two monster stacks. Unfortunately, there were two eights on the flop and they both ended up all in. The pot was won with a pair.

Even though it didn't pay much, I was really happy with a finish of 54th.

Chipper Jones is killing the ball for the Braves. Hopefully he will stay hot and the Braves pitching will improve down the stretch.

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