Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pretty Good day today.

The day started off well with a 95th of 1666 in the midnight madness tourney on FullTilt. Then I ran well at UB, chip leader with less than 30 left. But a couple of bad hands, one a bad beat and the other a bad decision, left me out in 13th place. Busted out around the first break in another tourney at UB but finished the night with another cash in the Bounty Tourney. Runner, runner suckout kept me alive in the middle but I was very happy with the way I played until my last ten hands when I was too aggressive w pocket fives, I wonder why?, and my last hand saw me get all in w AQ v 77 and 33. Both opponents flopped sets and I was out in 20th. I must say that I was pleased overall with my decisions today and hope to do even better later this week.

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