Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saturday Night ...

.. was the first time since Wednesday when I had much a chance to play a few tournaments. Thursday we went to the West Virginia State Fair so I didn't play any tournaments. Friday was a busy day at work and the first tournament didn't go very well so I called it a night early. The first tourney at UB was a bounty tournament and I busted 15 away from the money. I went deep in a $2 tourney on PokerStars and believe I would've gone much further if I hadn't over bet the a couple of hands, the nut flush and a set.
I finished up the night in the top 100 (95th of 1666) in the midnight madness tourney at FullTilt. The tourney seemed like it was going to end poorly after an early hand found me w JJ in the small blind. There were three limpers ahead of me so I raised up to four times the big blind. The only caller was an UTG +1 limper who called. The flop was A 3 x. I bet out 2/3 of the pot and was flat called. Another 3 on the turn saw action of check check. The river was an ace which made me feel better about the limper not having an ace, but I was wrong to the tune of half my stack. The player had limped in w A 4 off suit and called 4 times his limp. It still surprises me that people think that a baby ace is worth playing in those situaitions. I saw the limper play Ace rag several more times. Ironically, he was busted later in the tourney w AQ vs AJ which hit a straight. I usually hate getting the big pocket pairs early in the tournament because you don't win big pots with them but still seem to be able to lose big pots with them. It also seems like a missed opportunity in light of the few times those hands come along in a tourney.

The Braves lost tonight in spite of getting two home runs from Jeff Francoeur and one each from Chipper and Andrew. It would have helped if the opposing pitcher hadn't hit two homers of his own.

Only a few weeks until the start of college football. WVU has been ranked in the top five of every pre-season poll I have seen. Hopefully everyone will stay healthy as they will be loaded offensively.

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