Monday, August 13, 2007

The punch in the gut

The worst part about downturns or running bad is it makes me feel like the times when I have had good results were only the result of a good run of cards. Self-doubt is probably one of the most crippling things to have hit you in life, much less poker, and the effects aren't easy to deal with.

The last time I was down at UB, I set an amount that I had to win in Mtts and sngs and I didn't play ring games until I reached that amount. It seemed to sharpen my sng game and I was able to get back on a postive run quicker than I expected.

I'm going to try add some interviews with some well-known members of Pocketfives soon. Off Topic (OT) has been a fantastice place to visit the last couple of years and there are some very cool people there.

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